Want to purchase our organic products to use on your own?
Ask about our organic fertilizer program where we can provide the service for you or you can do it yourself with our products and a few tips. You can plant it in your garden, spread it across your lawn, plants, flowers, shrubs and more call (678)665-0784. Our organic products offered are worm castings and worm tea.
Landscaping Marietta GA with organics is becoming a trend that many home owners are finding very rewarding. The since of pride you get knowing you make a difference in reducing carbon footprints is very rewarding. By the way your plants will thank you too. We offer organic programs as well so get signed up and enjoy the difference...call 678 665-0784

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 Why Organics? 
Organics are environmentally safe but outside of that there are many reasons to choose organics over conventional man made fertilizers. One is they restore live micro-organisms back into the soil where inorganics can begin to break down natural soil conditions. Organics allow for better flow of air and water to your lawn so your grass will thrive even when temperatures soar. Organics don't have to smell. Our organic fertilizers don't cause an odor so you don't have tell neighbors that you are fertilizing. Our organic product is pure, completely safe and chemical free. Everything in your yard can benefit from our organics including grass,shrubs,trees,flowers,gardens and more. They are also natural and safe so you don't have to worry about your pets or children where other fertilizers could have a negative impact on your loved ones. Our organics are just as affordable as inorganic matters that try to mimic the same job. These organic granules can also hold more than three times the amount of water to it's own weight. What all this means is a better product that's all around safe for the environment, bottom line! Start your landscaping in atlanta with organics and make a difference in reducing your carbon footprint. Organics can be spread across your entire lawn or garden so give us a call today and start to WOW you neighbors with an amazing green!